Our Story!

The Notre Dame Startup Lab which has long been known as the Innovation Lab has been remodeled and rebranded!

The Notre Dame Startup Lab is Notre Dame’s first co-working space for startups. The room will house meeting tables, whiteboards, and computers so team of all sizes can work on their projects. This space is open 24 hours and will allow students to book the room via our website to schedule meetings, thus acting as a shared office for Notre Dame Entrepreneurial Pursuits. Also in this room, The Four Horseman Society will host weekly Innovations nights where students can learn about a variety of topics from basic programming skills to Silicon Valley Opportunities (Please see Events Tab on our website for more information).

As apart of this initiative, Notre Dame is introducing a Micro-Seed Fund geared towards prototyping grants for students who want to start companies. This effort will be support by the Notre Dame Prototyping Alliance, a team of leading design students interested in helping bring ideas to products. Finally, a peer network called the Notre Dame Student Entrepreneur Advisors has been formed. This group with serve as mentors and a resource for aspiring Notre Dame founders. To read more about these initiatives please check out the Resources Tab on our website.